Organise by Action

So I have OCD, not real OCD just the subtle kind where I like to have things in order and that is the same when it comes to ordering my iPhone apps. I never had this issue until folders where brought into iOS and since that update, I haven’t quite got my phone organised right. more →

Michael Phelps…

When I was in grade school, I was diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. I had overcome that. When I was in school, a teacher said I’d never be successful. Things like that stick with you and motivate you; I’m sure that teacher went on to do good things in his/her life whilst Phelps more →

🔗 Millionaire Smartest Person

Nice little twist in this snippet from Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I didn’t see it coming myself!

Smart, smart guy (and rich too).

🔗 Hand Drawn Map of New York

Caught this hand drawn masterpiece on Digg earlier and was blown away by the detail.

I would love to have talent like this. I’ve added it to my wishlist along with the London one.

🔗 Bitbucket

Last week I came across Bitbucket whilst looking for cheaper alternatives to Github for private git repositories and so far I have been impressed.

Unlimited private repositories for a maximum of five users – for small teams or individuals, this is perfect and it was very easy to setup and begin committing.

Best of all, it’s free!

🔗 Recall App

The app that was made as a place for storing all your various Music, Film, App recommendations is now available in over 60 countries.

Grab it in the UK App Store now.

🔗 Oreo Cookies

If you have a spare 5 minutes, it’s worth just scrolling through Oreo’s Facebook page. Their picture updates are superb, especially the ones where they change an Oreo Cookie to look like something else.

Makes you want an Oreo right? I love the fireworks Oreo!

Poster App

A week ago I invested a couple of quid on a new WordPress app called Poster. The app is fantastic – in my opinion it puts the official WordPress app to shame. It has a whole bunch of features such as being able to add a post from Dropbox, Markdown to HTML conversion on publishing more →

🔗 Instalabs

This little gem by Tiny Factory replaces the new tab page in Chrome (Which I’ve always hated the look of in Chrome) with 6, 9 or 12 photos from your Instagram feed.

🔗 Delicious Refreshed

For someone who used to use Delicious way back when it was I am glad to see it’s getting another refresh. I personally wasn’t keen on the previous relaunch and I made the switch to Pinboard and just recently moved again this time over to Kippt.

Kippt is superb and for Delicious to ever win me back as a user it’s going to take a lot. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

🔗 US Election Day 2012

A great collection of photographs by the Daily Mail showcasing yesterday’s US Election Day 2012 – Be sure to take a look.

🔗 Angry Birds Star Wars

Oh god, the new Angry Birds Star Wars trailer is up online. I have to say as much as I am sick of Angry Birds turning up everywere, it does look great!

I may end up buying this edition might of the game franchise and I’ll no doubt lose several hours of my life that I’ll never get back!

🔗 Entypo

A beautiful collection of over 250 pictograms that come in OpenType, TrueType and @font-face formats as well as EPS, PDF and PSD files. Best thing is, there all free :)

🔗 The East Wing

If you are after some good easy listening whilst you work then I’d highly recommend checking out the East Wing Podcast hosted by Tim Smith. I particularly enjoyed the episode where he chats with Sam Soffes of Cheddar App.

Trimming the Feed Fat

Consuming content – something us web folk do each day as new links are thrown up on all the popular social networks. Lately I’ve been drowning in this content, struggling to stay afloat very rarely achieving that unread status of zero.

Introducing Twixtures

This space of the Interweb has been pretty quiet of late, in fact my last post was published back in May, eeek! So what have I been up too? Well apart from been busy working away at Strawberry, I have been working on a side project called Twixtures with Mr Adam Gilleard.

RTM + Alfred = Ace

Last month I moved over to a Mac setup at work allowing me to move into an almost none PC workflow (I still obviously need to test my websites on Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 and soon to be 10.. sighhh). With the move came the opportunity to use some of my favourite apps more →

What I am hoping for in the next gen iPhone

When thinking of what I would want in Apple’s next gen iPhone which we are all hoping for this summer, there is really only one thing that springs to mind, a bigger battery. I’ve moaned about this before, and I’m still having issues. Having to sparingly use my device when I’m out and about is more →

Changes to the HTML5 Placeholder Behaviour

Whilst working on my latest project at Strawberry I got assigned a to-do for a fix. The fix was relating to a placeholder on an input element in Chrome (Mac stable version) that when a text box was given focus, the placeholder text inside it was not disappearing until the user typed (which I will more →

🔗 Food on my Dog

I came across a site yesterday and it is probably the best site I’ve ever been on (huge shout). The person behind the site basically balances various food items on it’s Dog’s head and takes a picture for the blog.

I particular like the slab of Cheese and also the slice of Pizza ha. Genius!

🔗 Falling in love with Siri

If you’re a fanboy like me and enjoy a bit of Big Bang Theory then you will like this. It’s a funny video of Raj getting too attached to Siri, enjoy!

New Adventures 2012

As I am currently travelling back from New Adventures I thought I would take 5 minutes to look back over the last couple of days for anyone who wasn’t able to attend. This year was a completely different experience for me and I found it really beneficial making the extra effort to attend the none more →

Remembering the Milk

Many that know me know I’m a to-do app whore, I’ve tried pretty much the lot and haven’t found one that sticks, until now. Remember the Milk is a web service I have attempted to use several times in the past, in fact I first signed up at a guess maybe three years ago and more →

My 4S Battery Sucks!

So readers of this blog will already know that I upgraded to the 4S a few months back. Back then I pointed out that there wasn’t a huge difference with the battery life—Apple claim ‘outstanding battery’ on their website—but as I’ve been using the device for a while now I would say the battery life is actually worse.

🔗 Steve Jobs’ Vision of the World in 46 seconds

Appboy posted a link to this video on their blog today and I felt the need to share it. Below is a 46 second long take of the world through the eyes of the legend that is Steve Jobs.

Strawberry encourages you to Love Hull

This year Team Strawberry is giving ‘Who Wants to be an Entrepreneur’ a crack. What is this? It’s a competition that MKM—one of our clients here at Strawberry—run each year to raise money for Young Enterprise. Each team is given the same three tasks and they have to raise as much money as they can more →

How To: Enable Google+ in your Google Apps

Google seemed to have pushed an update to their Google Apps allowing you to enable Google+ meaning you no longer have to use your @gmail account to use the site.

The London 2012 Let Down

Remember a few months back when us Brits all applied for the majorly overpriced tickets to next years Olympic Games in London? Remember how the majority of us were told no? Well I do and I was gutted! Not just because I don’t get to watch some track and field, but because this is potentially more →

Is the Tethering option not displaying on your iPhone?

As part of my upgrade last week, O2 made me move over to one of their new tariffs saying bye bye to my unlimited data (boo hoo) and even though it kind of sucks that I am now restricted on my usage, my data bolt on allows me to use the Internet Tethering feature on more →

The Facebook Tagging Error

I don’t know if it’s just me but Facebook seem to have got their tagging system a wee bit fucked up. Since recent updates, their mobile apps have introduced this whole ‘with — John Smith’ feature which I think is handy when your tagging a post and linking someone in that your currently with, for more →

Adding custom post types to your main RSS Feed

Today I setup my first custom post type in WordPress for this notes section where I will be posting smaller ‘update’ style posts. It wasn’t until just now that I realised the two entries I had posted under this section of the site were not appearing in my main RSS feed.

Mobile ready forms inputs

Owning a mobile and a tablet, I spend a fair amount of time browsing websites on one of these two devices and a few thing’s tend to frustrate me and they both come to when filling in forms. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to add in a few changes to your forms to make sure that more →

The Whole Fanboy Situation

The term fanboy makes me cringe, well it used to, mainly because my none Apple liking friends of mine throw the term around like its some sort of disease, or as a cheap shot to wind me up and to be honest it usually works.

I Predict A Riot!

What is the world coming to, where are the days of turning on the news and seeing that petrol has shot up another x amount of pence? I used to hate hearing about petrol but now I miss it. In the last few years we have seen it all — Riots in countries like Egypt, more →

Reworking Pinboard

For years I used Delicious (or as it was once known) for my bookmarking needs, then came Yahoo and to cut a long story short, they ended up letting it go. When I heard Yahoo’s decision, I went in search for a different bookmarking service and came across Pinboard.

The Facebook Effect

Several months ago I booked a trip away with Lucy to Turkey. Excited as I was of the thought of chilling out in nice hot sunny weather, I began searching for a decent book to take with me for some good pool-side reading. I just want to point out, I rarely read books, except when I am wanting to learn something, and when I do I tend to stay in the bio area, I like truth in what I am reading.

New Custom Gelaskin

Not sure if anyone saw, but back in July 2010 I ordered a custom Gelaskin, see here. The idea came from a post I saw on Tuaw and I was able to mock up my own version in Black. I was super impressed with Gelaskins, the skin arrived from across the ocean pretty snappy, the quality and look/feel of the item was great. Applying the skin to the iPhone was again very simple and quick to do.

Introducing My New Portfolio

A few weeks back I finally put to and end a long and gruelling process of designing and building my portfolio website. To put thing’s into perspective, I registered back in 2006 and haven’t really had anything on their worth viewing, well ever!